Repair and Unlocks

Sky Cell offers cell phones and other devices at wholesale prices for retailers, repair shops and small distributors. All devices are fully functional, graded, and ready to ship.

Why SkyCells?

We have sold more than 600,000 devices and have built strong relationships with our suppliers and clients. Our mission is to meet the inventory needs of our customers and to make their purchasing process easy and risk-free.


One-stop shop

We provide a large range and volume of inventory that ships with ultimate efficiency.


Precision grading

We offer used devices of various grades, sourced directly from major carriers.

International business

We are based in the US, and we’re experienced in doing business and shipping internationally.


Safety is a top priority

Your information is secure with our online stock list and bidding system.


Not just mobile phones

We offer laptops, wearables, and the whole world of 5G devices on our stock list.

Live phone support

Our staff can answer any question you may have.

Models we carry

Apple Watch Series 4 GPS

200x200 iPhone 11

iPhone 11

iPhone 12


iPhone X


iPhone XR

iPhone 13

Our grades


Devices are fully functional, and all surfaces are like new.


Devices are fully functional, and all surfaces may have light scratches.


Devices passed all functional tests and will show more noticeable cosmetic blemishes.


Devices passed all functional tests and will show more noticeable cosmetic blemishes.


Devices will show extensive, pronounced scratches and easily visible blemishes.

Wholesale with integrity

We’re based in San Juan, Texas and have been in business for 8 years. We pride ourselves on ensuring fair transactions.

Our mission is your success

US-based company

Phones, laptops, and wearables

Bid on devices

Inventory from major suppliers

All your orders in one place